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​​Thank you for allowing Travel Daej L.L.C. to make paradise possible for you. We are happy that you’ll be joining us and look forward to our trip(s) together! Please keep in mind that these are group trips and not individual vacations. Please read below for Travel Daej’s travel policy that must be followed at all times:


​Travel Daej General Policy:

1. Travel Daej is a group touring company that hosts group vacations to exotic locations around the world. We provide packages with dates selected by the company, not single flights, hotel, nor activity bookings.  Occasionally, our company will offer limited time personal trip vacation packages with a date window selected by the company. All policy guidelines still apply to both personal and group trip packages. 

  1. Travel Daej  is an independent limited liability company acting as an intermediary to provide a trip consisting of services offered by third-party suppliers. Third-party suppliers providing trip services are not agents, employees, servants, or joint venturers of Travel Daej. Travel Daej has independent contracts with each of the suppliers for the services.  All trip services provided by third-parties are subject to the terms and conditions specified in the third party supplier documents and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied.  The third party supplier terms and conditions are available to you upon request.  You agree that neither Travel Daej nor its representative shall be liable for any damage, loss (including personal injury, death, and property loss), or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any supplier providing services. 


2. Before completing your security deposit, We recommend creating a Travel Daej account. Your Travel Daej account will be used to access your remaining balance payment plan. Travel Daej offers weekly or monthly payment plans that are priced in United States Dollar (USD). All payments made using other foregin currencies must equal the value of the trip in USD. Travel is not responsible for any currency fluctuations and has no control over this. 

  1. Chargebacks will not be accepted by Travel Daej. When a traveler begins their Travel Daej account, you give permission for Travel Daej to charge electronic recurring payments to your selected card payment. Each payment is deemed final and irrevocable. If you wish to cancel at any time, please review our cancellation policy. 

3. When traveling ​out of the country​ with Travel Daej, your passport MUST be valid for 1+ years after your Travel Daej trip dates in order to participate in our trip. Failure to have a passport when traveling out of the country, and/or your passport not meeting the validity requirement will result in removal from the trip without a refund. There are certain paradise locations that also require a visa for entry. Failure to have a visa for countries that require it for travel, and/or your visa not meeting the validity requirement will result in removal from the trip without a refund. Both passports and country visas are personal expenses at the responsibility of the traveler. Travel Daej will not be responsible for the purchasing fee of passports nor country visas.

4. As a company, Travel Daej reserves the right to deny service to customers.

  1. Due to Travel Daej being a group trip company, group courtesy of respecting all trip attending travelers and Travel Daej staff is agreed upon once a traveler deposit is submitted for any particular trip destination. 

  2. Appropriate trip etiquette is expected of all Travel Daej travelers. This includes being respectful of the entering country and its natives along with their behavior, religious, and apparel requirements. All Travel Daej travelers agree upon deposit submission to always act in the manner of a visitor and not entitled at all times when traveling with any/all of our group destinations.

  3. During the duration of your trip, if at any point in time that rude behavior is deemed, Travel Daej reserves the right to deny service without refund. 

5. Travel Daej at no point will be responsible for, including but not limited to, medical bills, baggage fees, transaction fees, cell-phone overages,leisure activities: such as eating and other excursions not included in your Travel Daej package,sicknesses, injuries, and/or stolen or damaged products from the moment upon deposit submission. 

  1. To avoid any airport fees, visit your bank and order your needed currency for the country(s)you will be visiting. You will need no more than 500 USD in cash​. Leave the rest of the spending money on your card. Travel Daej recommends using cash so you don’t have to use your card unless you are in one of the airports.

6. Keep in mind to comply with TSA policies. Travel Daej will not be responsible for anything you can’t bring on your flight.


7. Promotional Content

  1. Travel Daej purchases the rights to all photo content, while offering travelers to participate in partial payment to have access to any promotional content from our partner companies.

  2. Travel Daej reserves the rights to have employed Trip Counselors collect photos and/or video recording content for promotional utilization.

  3. All travelers agree to this policy upon payment of deposit and acknowledge that policies have been fully reviewed and agreed to.

    1. In the event that you would not like to participate in promotional content, please contact Travel Daej via before the final payment deadline of your selected paradise. Failure to do so will result in promotional content being used. 

8. Your health is highly important to us here at Travel Daej. Therefore, it is recommended that you contact your doctor before departing to make sure you are up to date on all vaccinations. Feel free to include bug spray and Lysol on your packing list.

  1.  COVID-19 and Outbreaks:

  1. Our company does not force our travelers to get vaccinated, however, the rules and regulations put into place at any selected travel destination will be followed to protect natives as we are visiting.

  2. Fake vaccination proof will not be tolerated, and if a traveler is detected to have provided false proof, you will not receive a refund from Travel Daej due to the liability you risked on the company, other travelers, and the country destination. Any accumulated fees in this case will also be the responsibility of the traveler.  

  3. Travel Daej is again not responsible for any personal doctor expenses. Vaccination and PCR Test appointments and fees are the responsibility of the traveler. 

  1. You are responsible for finding PCR and COVID testing facilities to obtain all required essentials.

  2. In the case you or a member of your travel party test positive for COVID-19 and is required to quarantine within any given country, Travel Daej has hotel and flight packages available at an additional fee. The hotel and government may also offer you accommodations. You are free to select which company and package you would prefer to choose for the potential of a 2 week quarantine.

  1. In the case of any world pandemic, Travel Daej will continue our trips unless the outbreak affects our travel dates. In the case that our trip dates are affected by any world pandemic, we will agree and select new trip dates as a group, with a majority ruling. If you decide during any world crisis or pandemic that you no longer would like to travel on our newly scheduled trip dates, you will have the option to transfer trips or follow our cancellation policy. 


Travel Daej Account: 

  1. We would like to provide you with instructions on how to create your account as reference when you are having trouble at any given time. We recommend ALL travelers to create your account before paying your security deposit for your selected Travel Daej Trip.

    1. How to Set Up Your Travel Daej Account: 

      1. Click the link to

      2. Create an account in the top left hand corner 

      3. Use an account and password that you will remember 

      4. Edit your mailing address so that we have a valid address on film 

      5. Add a profile photo for your account


  1. How to Complete Your Remaining Trip Balance: 

    1. After creating your account, you will have access and the ability to view and monitor your remaining balance at any time desired. You are required to begin your payment plan 1 month (30 days) after completing your security deposit. 

      1. Login to your Travel Daej account

      2. Go to “My Trips” 

      3. You will see an option that says select/ view your payment plan

      4. Select this option

      5. Please scroll down until you get to your name and trip title

      6. Select your account to begin your payment plan

  2. How to Opp In To Travel Daej’s Text Message Updates: 

    1. Text “TravelDaej” to our phone number 474747.

    2. You will receive a welcome message.

    3. Once you have received your welcome text, you are automatically entered into our system. If you did not receive a welcome text. Make sure you type “TravelDaej” as one word.  No further action is required after this. Thank you!


Travel Daej Account Policy: 

  1. There is a 30 day window to start your Travel Daej account and begin your remaining balance before your account will begin to accumulate daily late fees of $25.

  2. We recommend that you start your account with the same card that you plan to make your final payment with. 

    1. If you remove your original payment method card for any reason, our automated system will not allow any further actions on your account.

    2. Your account will still have an “active” status, but in order to make further payments and complete further actions, you will have to recreate your account by following the explained steps. (See 1 under Travel Daej Account).

    3. After following the above step, once you select your trip, your payment plan will resume where you left off from your previous account. Any previous payments made on your previous account will be added to your updated account, in the case that your original account is disconnected. 

    4. If you have to change cards for any reason, please email our customer care department so that we may make proper adjustments when your new account is created, if needed.

 3. Travel Daej does make acceptances for travelers who request to place their account on     hold depending on each individual case at the discretion of the company. 

  1. In the case that you need to request for your account to be placed on hold, please email our Customer Care Department.

  2. Account holds are allowed with time frame adjustment based on the severity of travelers request. The potential maximum extension for an account hold can be until the 1st of the month of your flight booking appointment. 

    1. Even if your hold is approved, your final payment deadline will remain the same: due by the 1st of the month of your flight booking appointment.

4. Account final payments are due the 1st of the same month that your flight appointment is scheduled for.

  1. Example: If your flight appointment is Nov 20, XXXX then your final payment deadline is Nov 1, XXXX. This means that your balance must be paid before  your flight appointment. Unpaid balances, by the final due date will result in flight appointment cancellation forfeit of your paid travel credit.


Flight Booking: 

  1. Once you are given final flight confirmation details, you as the traveler are now responsible to educate yourself and your traveling party on your selected airline policies, rules, and regulations.

    1. In the event you fail to do so, a refund will not be issued.


  1. If you would like to request to arrive earlier or depart later than the Travel Daej selected dates, the additional expenses, fees, lodging accommodations, and new arrangements are the responsibility of the traveler due to company liability.

  2. Once flight appointments have been made and bookings are complete, flight modification is not allowed.

  3. Any flight alteration after Travel Daej booking is completed is the responsibility of the traveler as each traveler has personal access to his/her flight plans.

  4. Travel Daej is not responsible for any baggage fees. 

  5. Travel Daej is not responsible for any potential incidents that may occur during the process of a layover.

    1.  If you decide to leave the layover airport, miss a connecting flight, spend a layover at a hotel, or etc. any mishaps and costs are the responsibility of the traveler. 


During Trips: 

1. If you decide that you do not want to participate in the group activities, you will not be assessed a refund. All activities are included in your package and are non-refundable.

2. It is important to enhance a travel buddy system when participating in leisure time outside of group activities. Travel Daej will not be responsible for any mishappens that occur on this trip, during, or outside of group activities.

3. Keep in mind that each country differs in the power outlets that they use. Travel Daej recommends that you buy a universal adapter/outlet so that you can charge and power your devices throughout the duration of your trip. These can be purchased on Amazon. 

4. The locals speak English. While it is very rare that you’ll come across someone that doesn’t know English, it is imperative to learn common phrases in the language of the country you’re traveling to. 


5.Hotel stays displayed via the Travel Daej website are not changeable. Lodging paid by Travel Daej is not an all-inclusive package. Travel Daej has included breakfast in selected trip packages. Cost of lunch and dinner is the responsibility of the traveler. If you wish to upgrade or change your lodging accommodations, the additional charge to make the upgrade is the responsibility of the travelers. 

6. If a traveler selects to arrange their own personal transportation outside of the Travel Daej’s companies included arrangements, it will be at the traveler’s personal expenses and reimbursement will not be distributed.


Travel Daej’s Additional Activities: 

  1. For all paid additional activities, travelers will be given meeting and departure times for each activity. If you are not at the selected meeting location for the company provided transportation by the informed time, after a 5 minutes grace period, you will have to provide your own means of transportation to respect the time and schedule of other travelers. In the case of this event, a refund will not be issued. 

  2. The expense of alteration arrangements will be the responsibility of the traveler in violation. This includes the additional cost of ubers/lifts/drivers to a group or additional activity, where the travel missed the scheduled transportation due to tardiness for any reason. In the case of this event, a refund will not be issued.  

  3.  If you decide to make altered means of transportation via uber, lift, etc. and you are late for your scheduled activity start time, if your tardiness results in cancellation of the activity or any additional fees, the responsibility will be on your behalf and a refund will not be issued.

  4. Additional activity selection full balance payments are due exactly 1 month in advance of trip departure.

    1. For example, if your trip date departure is December 1, XXXX, your additional activity final payment(s) due date would be November 1, XXXX.

  5. If a traveler wishes to participate in additional activities, they can be purchased and booked at an additional cost, but can not be switched out as an included activity in exchange as all packages are unalterable. 



  1. You have up until the 1st of the month before your flight appointment to pay your remaining balance. Failure to pay your remaining balance by your trip’s final due date will result in the cancellation of your flight appointment. 

    1. For example, if your planned trip is in April XXXX, and your flight appointment is scheduled for January 23, XXXX, your final payment will be due January 1, XXXX

  2. . If you cancel your Travel Daej trip before your flight has been booked, all payments made towards your trip can be credited towards another trip location. If you have selected to transfer to another Travel Daej trip apart from your original destination, there will be a maximum of 3 destination transfers allowed. Upon the third transfer, you will either have to partake in traveling to your third selection or forfeit trip balance paid.

    1. If you decide that you want to cancel your full reservation with Travel Daej, before your flight is booked, you will be required to pay a $1,000.00 cancellation fee to Travel Daej(USD).

      1. Example, if you have paid a total of $2,000.00 to Travel Daej, you will be refunded $1,000.00. 


3. Once your flight is booked, your trip is non-refundable and non-transferable. Once flights are booked, you will no longer be able to receive travel credit from Travel Daej. A flight credit from the airline is subject to the policy of each airline. 


4.Upon completing your security deposit, Travel Daej travelers will be instructed on how to set up their account and are given a 30 day deadline to complete the process. If a traveler has not properly set off their account, following the given deadline additional late fees will begin to accumulate for up  to 1 month. If a traveler has failed to completely set up their account and has accumulated 1 month (30 days) worth of late fees, their account will be closed and any paid credit will be forfeited. 


5.  If a traveler is unresponsive by the final payment deadline, after communication attempts to begin your account, your account will automatically be closed and all paid funds balanced towards your balance will be forfeited. 


If policy and guidelines of the company or government are broken at any time, the responsible traveler will be placed on the ‘NO TRAVEL’ list, resulting in the forfeit of all future planned trips including both paid and unpaid balances to Travel Daej. By thoroughly reviewing our policy and participating in any of Travel Daej’s trips, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms listed. If you have any misunderstanding, please feel free to contact Travel Daej directly. We thank you again for allowing Travel Daej to make paradise possible for you.

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