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The DAEJ Foundation was birthed on the idea of our founder aspiring to start an all girls school in India, however, starting 1 school would limit Travel Daej's reach. Understanding the importance of early childhood development, The DAEJ Foundation will be partnering with home renovation and building companies such as Lowes and Home Depot to renovate orphanages around the world. We have set out to fulfill this goal with any of the travelers who sign up through our travel company: Travel Daej or while our founder is alone during her solo trips. For those of you at home, you can donate items or funds to our foundation through Send us an email at of what you would like to donate, and we will approve the items by sending you the address to our PO Box. The full videos and pictures of the DAEJ foundation can be found on our social media platforms: @traveldaej.Together we can make a difference in children’s lives around the globe.

A List of Donation Items:

Halloween Costumes

New Blankets

Autumn Jackets

 New or Lightly Used Books

School Supplies

Playground Toys

New earrings for the girls

New hair supplies for the girls

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