Puerto Rico by Travel Daej 


Location: Puerto Rico

Airport: Puerto Rico Airport

Duration of the Trip: 5 days, 4 night

Cost: $1,500.00 per person


Amount of Travelers: You are allowed to travel with as small or as large of a party as you would like. If you are traveling with a group, Each person (parents are responsible for their children’s booking) is required to sign up separately. This will allow Travel Daej to have each person’s booking information directly through the site. What is included in your total trip cost? After paying your $100.00 security deposit fee to secure your spot on the trip, you will be required to make 2 payments of $700.00 through Venmo. Please include your name and trip title in your payment’s description, for example: (your name) Puerto Rico 2021. Based on the trip dates you decide on, you will be given the deadlines for when your 2 payments of $700.00 are due. If you are transferring trip credit from one of our group trip, you are required to pay the remaining balance difference. The total cost of the $1,500.00 includes your roundtrip flight cost, the cost of your stay at your choice of villa, and three activities! Your villa options will be sent to you once you have confirmed the number of travelers that will be participating in your Puerto Rico personal package. You will be sent a total of 5 different villas to decide from. Please note that Travel Daej’s policy applies to personal bookings as well. Travel Daej will be emailing you trip updates and important information, so please read each email in its entirety. 


The List of Activities Available:

-Salsa Class

-Snorkeling with Turtles

-Guided Tour Through Old San Juan

 -Snorkeling Tour to the Coral Reef

-Mixology Class and Bacardi Tour  

Travel Daej Loyalty Program 


Refer a friend and receive $25 off of your total trip cost after paying your security deposit to reserve your spot on the trip. For every friend you refer, it is $25 off! Sounds like you should be making some calls and social media post!

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